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Victor S. Tkchenko

Actor, Director, Author, Translator, Teacher

Renowned Scholar on Anton AND Michael Chekhov

Victor Tkchenko Head Shot


VICTOR S. TKACHENKO is “a world class director, actor and writer, who has devoted his life to both Chekhovs, directing the uncle’s plays while teaching the nephew’s acting method,” according to Pen World Magazine. Mr. Tkachenko directed about 50 modern and classical plays (including all Chekhov’s plays) in Russia, Europe, Asia, and North America. He played leading characters of Chekhov’s plays, as well as roles in plays by Pushkin, Durrenmatt, Anouilh, etc. Mr. Tkachenko is an author of librettos for five internationally staged musicals and numerous stage adaptations. He is a founder of several theatre companies and centers, including the Michael Chekhov Studio at Anton Chekhov Museum in Moscow, later the Center of Theatre Research at UTW, and Michael Chekhov Center and Festival in Ridgefield. Mr. Tkachenko is a recipient of numerous awards and grants.



Dorn in Chekhov's The Seagull Grig, The Unnamed Star, by M. Sebastion Salieri, Mozart and Saliery, by A. Puskin
Dorn Grig, the Unnamed Star Salieary, Mozart & Salieary



This play, The Darling (dushechka), is a touching love story and philosophical inquiry as well as a masterpiece by one of the world’s greatest writers and playwrights, Anton Chekhov. Called “a pearl” by Leo Tolstoy, it provokes a highly controversial attitude embodied in its hero Olga Semionovna Plemianikova. Her nickname emanates from a Russian idiom: Dushechka is synonymous with a total lack of one’s own personality and identity. But is she truly a reflection of true love and dedication? That duality and oxymoronic conflict becomes the basis of a question that the audience at each performance will be invited to answer.


The Darling was re-translated by Tkachenko from a reading of previous translations early in the century, his own native Russian, and his extensive knowledge of Anton Chekhov. Having worked at the Anton Chekhov Museum in Moscow, where he founded the Michael Chekhov Studio in that facility, he is uniquely qualified to interpret the works of Chekhov and apply the acting skills of Michael Chekhov, called the Greatest Russian Actor, and "...(M)y greatest student..." by Konstatin Stanislavski, the father of modern acting.


"This play is really a short-story which Victor turned into a one-woman play," reports Lisa Dalton, actor who will play Olenka. "Victor and I have rehearsed this play for months, applying the extensive russian-taught methods of acting made famous by Stanislavski, with a constant dose of Michael Chekhov acting methods underpinning the work."


Lisa Dalton, Master teacher of the Michael Chekhov techniques, will play Olenka, The Darling, as well as the narrator and all of Olekna's husbands and neighbors, each with their own separate character style.


The Darling debuts in Fort Worth, Texas at Pantagleize Theatre Company on July 27 and then moves to the New York Fringe Festival August 12-28. Click the links for information.