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Bringing the Spirit of Michael Chekhov Into the 21st Century!

In life, and in any true piece of art, the beginning and end are or should be, polar in principle. In art, as in life, we begin to evaluate, to understand, and experience things differently if we see them in the light of true contrasts.
— Michael Chekhov

Wil Kilroy doing a performance

Michael Chekhov Training Intensives

Summer Training – Early June at New Mexico State University, Las Cruces

Certification Track – 7-Days
Actor Track – 6-Day focus on the full Chekhov Chart for Inspired Acting

Visit the Register link for current dates, fees and logistics.


Follows Summer Chekhov Training Intensive in Odd-numbered Years

Advanced Training Opportunity for NMCA Alumni

Schedule Options Available

The 12-Day Event

(Price Includes CTI + DBD - $150)

  • Certification Price - $2,650
  • Actor Price - $2,350
  • College Student Price - $2200


The 5-Day Event

(Price includes Deeper-By-Devising Only)

  • EarlyBird Price - $1,075
  • Regular Price - $1,125

Contact NMCA to Discuss a Membership or Training